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Hubbell Knows Office Lighting

Allow Hubbell Lighting to take your office space to the next level. Combining award-winning, cutting edge products with proven lighting control systems, we offer the entire package. Finding the right office lighting is critical in both employee happiness as well as energy efficiency.


Lighting should be simple. Easy and intuitive to interact with, yet versatile enough to give you the freedom to choose. That is what Hubbell Lighting's SpectraSync™ technology is: intuitive, versatile and easy to install.

Choice Credit Union

1st Choice Savings & Credit Union Banks on Precision Illumination with Higher Target Efficiency, illuminating across the entire ceiling and making sure the required footcandles are being met on the floor.

Featured Applications

  • Conference-room_180
    Conference Rooms
  • corridor_180
  • employee-space_180
    Employee Spaces
  • executive-space_180
    Executive Spaces
  • Exterior_180.jpg
  • lobby_180
  • Parking-Garage_180
    Parking Areas
  • Office-space_180
    Cubicles & Office Areas
  • Stairwell_180
  • storage-room_180
    Storage Rooms
  • Walkway_180
  • Office-Safety_180
    Life Safety