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LX Photo Sensor Control Module and Sensors

by Hubbell Control Solutions 

Collection Name: LX Lighting Control Panel System

The LX Photo Sensor and Control Module provides a convenient method of turning lighting circuits on and off in response to natural light. With 6 individually programmable on and off set points, this device can control multiple lighting circuits to respond to different natural lighting levels, which eliminates the need for multiple photosensors. Real-time photometric information is transmitted over the LX network and displays on either the LX tablet (or another programming device connected to the network). Each of the 6 set points can be programmed to control a single relay, group of relays, or preset scene. For added control, the LX Photo Sensor Control Module can be programmed to be active or inactive during a specific time window.

  • Turns lighting on and off based on available natural light
  • Network-based photosensor control module
  • Real-time foot-candle levels transmitted over a network on demand to a tablet
  • 3 available sensor heads: Indoor, Outdoor, and Skylight/Atrium
  • 0-1,000 foot-candle range with 1 foot-candle resolution
  • 6 programmable on and off set points
  • Programmable active and inactive times
  • Topology-free, polarity-insensitive, 2-wire communication
  • FT-10 and LPT-10 versions available
  • LonMark ® certified
  • Mounts to standard DIN rail
  • 5-year warranty

Product Details


Accessibility Direct Access
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Parking Lot
  • Parking Garage
  • Commerical
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
Color White
Environmental Conditions Indoor and Outdoor
Listings LonMark 3.3
Mounting Type
  • Controller Din Rail Mounted in Nema 1 Electrical Box
  • LXENDM Enclosure
  • Photo Sensor Based On Device Type
  • Ceiling
  • Outdoor On Mounting Conduit
  • indoor On Mounting Conduit
Project Type
  • New Construction
  • Retrofit
Space Planning Multi-Space Networked
  • Controls
  • Sensors

Electrical Ratings

Connectivity Wired

Certifications and Compliance

Certified Listed LonMark 3.3


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