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Simply Smarter

A simply smarter distributor partner program with a full stock product portfolio and benefits that enable you to grow your sales, improve profits, and simplify business.

Expressline Catalog
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2020 RDC/QS Guide
Expressline Quality Products

Quality Products

Hubbell Lighting’s ExpressLine program includes popular solutions to meet everyday lighting and control challenges in indoor, outdoor and life safety applications.

ExpressLine Trusted Brands

Trusted Brands

Hubbell Lighting and our distinguished brands have long been associated with our Electrical Distribution partners for dependable and reliable luminaire and control solutions.

ExpressLine Superior Service

Superior Service

The ExpressLine service commitment, online tools and best in class customer support make doing business easy and are designed to keep you focused on growing your business.

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Featured Products

Industrial UTB
Outdoor LSQ
Prescolite CDL

Regional Distribution Centers

Hubbell Lighting’s strategically placed Regional Distribution Centers (RDC) are stocked with customized inventory to satisfy local Electrical Distribution partners’ demands.

Tools for You

Locate products and categories, capture screenshots, search with highlighted key words, or share product information quickly and easily with the addition of this interactive online catalog that helps make doing everyday business easier. Watch the video below to see the features and benefits of the 2018 ExpressLine Interactive catalog.