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New SpectraClean™ 254 germicidal lighting solutions are fast, effective and indiscriminate for disinfecting bacteria and inactivating viruses like SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus), Coxsackle virus B5 (Hand, Foot and Mouth) and Influenza (Flu). SpectraClean™ 254 integrates proven germicidal source solutions with NX Distributed Intelligence™, SpectraClean™ 254 luminaires can be programmed from the controlHUBB app to operate the germicidal lighting in a variety of modes for upper air disinfection.

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SpectraClean™ Germicidal Lighting Brochure
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SpectraClean™ 254 Estimator Tool
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SpectraClean™ 405 combines white and narrowband 405 nanometer visible light to effectively suppress bacteria, molds, fungi and yeast. Columbia Lighting’s SpectraClean™ 405 luminaires provide continuous light disinfection for occupied and unoccupied spaces in commercial applications. When coupled with NX Distributed Intelligence occupancy sensors and room controllers, SpectraClean™ 254 luminaires can be controlled based on usage or with pre-programmed schedules.

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SpectraClean™ Antimicrobial Lighting Brochure