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Electronic Product Selection Guide (ePSG)

  • Editable Specification Pages - Add your project information and specific catalog numbers to newly added customizable PDF files
  • Web Links - Easily visit product web pages to access photometry, installation instructions, and additional product information
  • Favorite Products - Bookmark your favorite products in order to easily locate them all
  • New Products - View the most recent products added to the ePSG with a single click

Tired of those old worn out, out-of-date printed catalog pages? You can add all of those hand-written notes to your electronic pages which can be edited at any time. Be sure to check out the search function, you'll be able to find up-to-date product information faster and easier than ever before!

Download for PC Version 2.8 (2/9/18)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I email a catalog page or specification page from the ePSG?

Yes. Adobe Reader is used to view PDF files within the ePSG and it does allow you to attach the PDF you are viewing to an email. By default Adobe Reader does not show the Email button in its toolbar. Here are the steps to turn on the email button in Adobe Reader 9.0:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Adobe Reader toolbar. The toolbar is the area that includes the print and save buttons.
  2. In the resulting pop-up menu, select "More Tools"
  3. In the More Tools dialog, scroll down to the "File Toolbar" section and check the box labeled "Email". Click Ok.

You should now see the Email button (an envelope icon) whenever you are viewing a PDF file. Clicking the Email button will open a new email and attach the file to it.

Is there a version that can be installed on our network and shared by multiple users?

No. There is currently not a network version that can be installed in a central location and used by multiple users.

Do I have to wait until an update completes before using the ePSG?

No. Updates to product information are performed in the background and do not prevent you from viewing information in the ePSG. You can close the ePSG while an update is running without issue. The next time it is opened it will start the update where it left off.

Will I lose my notes when a catalog page is updated?

No. Your personal notes are not affected in any way when a product PDF file is updated.

How do I save a PDF from the ePSG?

Adobe Reader is used to view PDF files within the ePSG and it does allow you to save PDF files from the ePSG to other locations on your computer. When viewing a PDF file, click the Save button (a disk icon) located in the top left of the Adobe Reader toolbar.

What are Favorites and how do they work?

Favorites work just like bookmarks do in a web browser. They allow you mark individual products as Favorites so that you can quickly access them later. Simply click the star icon located above a product and it will be added to your favorites list. You can view your favorite products by selecting Favorites under the ePSG View menu located in the toolbar.

What is included on the New Products screen?

The New Products screen shows the last 25 products that have been added to your ePSG catalog. Simply click the New Products button under the ePSG View menu located in the toolbar.