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SpectraClean™ Germicidal Lighting

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Inactivates common
pathogens in minutes

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Near peak germicidal effectiveness optimizes disinfection

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Inactivates a broad range of viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi & yeast

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Lighting with Upper Air Disinfection

SpectraClean™ 254 upper air disinfection luminaires create a germicidal zone in an upper portion of the room away from occupants and sensitive materials. Standard building climate control systems move airborne pathogens from the lower part of a room into this germicidal zone. Pathogen inactivation occurs through the cumulative exposure to UVC over time. Each exposure cycle inactivates pathogens until the concentration in room is effectively diluted.

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Litecontrol SpectraClean™ 254 Lighting
with Upper Air Disinfection

Litecontrol SpectraClean™ 254 luminaires offer Direct, Indirect, or Direct/Indirect LED ambient lighting with germicidal lighting disinfection. This combination provides exceptional illumination with effective disinfection in a stylized luminaire that seamlessly integrates into most commercial lighting applications.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient Lighting
Ambient Lighting with Disinfection
Ambient Lighting with Disinfection
UVC Disinfection
UVC Disinfection
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Upper Air Disinfection

SpectraClean™ 254 UVC only disinfection solutions can be an effective tool for disinfecting specific areas within a room. UVC only systems operate independent of the lighting system and do not provide ambient lighting. They are suitable for applications where periodic disinfection is needed between times of use.

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SpectraClean™ Germicidal Lighting Brochure