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SD2 Series

by Hubbell Lighting Components 

Collection Name:  OEM Lighting Controls

The SD family of modules are simple step dimming controls for LED Drivers. They offer easy control of LED-based general lighting by occupants, and eliminate the need for complex and expensive dimming switches. Perfect for applications that require the quick switching between specific output levels.Works with two standard wall switches to provide bi-level step dimming of LED luminaires. 50% - 100%.CUSTOMIZABLE! Contact TRP for custom output variants.

  • 120Vac Input
  • Max Pass Current 1.0 Amp
  • Max LED Driver Power 100W
  • Low insertion loss
  • Works with any of TRP's 0-10V dimmable LED Drivers
  • Compatible with occupancy sensors
  • Compact, uses same case as TRP's LED-12W Driver
  • Locates within the luminaire
  • Customized outputs available
  • IP66

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Product Details


Series SD
Type Line Voltage Input