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Technical reference for LED Drivers, Light Engines and other devices from Thomas Research Products.

SelectSYNC™ Programmable LED Drivers: General Topics

SelectSYNC Intelligent Driver Model Comparison--Brief overview of SelectSYNC programmable driver features

SelectSYNC Product Brochure/Catalog--Info about SelectSYNC feature-rich programmable drivers

SelectSYNC Introduction Video--Quick product intro of SelectSYNC Intelligent Programmable Drivers

Introduction to the Intelligent Device Ecosystem--Explains our new three-tiered ecosystem


Classic LED Drivers: General Topics

TRP Classic Driver Catalog--Info on our Classic drivers

LED Driver Application Guide--Covers the basics and talks about the problem of hot plugging

LED Driver Sign Application Guide--Sign Manual Listed LED Drivers

Determing LED Load--A primer to help select the proper LED driver for a luminaire

LED Driver Essentials--Brief TRP driver features overview

True 277V Input Drivers--Why the true 277V input voltage extends the life of TRP's LED Drivers

HiPot Testing--A fixture hipot test will appear as a short because of the driver's internal protection

LED Driver QR Codes--Use the QR code on the Driver label to directly access the data sheet

Drivers and Transformers--Connecting LED drivers to transformers at different voltages

Remote Mounting LED Drivers: Considerations

TRP Inrush White Paper--All TRP drivers comply with NEMA 410 and what it means to you.


Classic LED Drivers: Model-Specific Reference

PLED Case Design Change--Designed for improved performance, effective 2015

Line Voltage Dimming Compatibility List--One page list of line voltage dimmers that work with TRP LED drivers

LED Driver 0-10V Dimming Guide--Two pages with wiring guidance for each dimming Driver

LED Driver Case Matrix--One page reference comparing the case sizes of all TRP's LED Drivers

PLED Driver Size Comparison--The PLED series compared to our previous drivers

Driver Protection Schemes--From Over-voltage, Over-current, Short-circuit, Over-temperature by model

LED Driver Bar Codes--Reading the date and manufacture code label on TRP's LED Drivers


LED Light Engine Topics

DC LED Light Engine Brochure

Warm Dimming Brochure


Surge Protector Topics

Luminaire Surge Protector Application Guide

BSP3 Surge Protector End-of-Life Testing Procedure


Legacy Product Topics: Step-down Transformers and HID controls

Choosing the Proper Transformer

Quartz Restrike Replacement Part Number Matrix


Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor and Light Sensor Topics

HLPC Photocell Installation Instructions


Custom Design and Manufacturing Topics

TRP Manufacturing Quality Control systems

TRP Norlux brand Custom LED Lighting Solutions

Warm Dimming Brochure


General Topics

Electrical Terminology

Software vs Hardware

Recycling TRP Electronic Products:

LED drivers are simply power supplies designed specifically for powering LED light engines. All power supplies are primarily made of electronic components like PC boards, semiconductors, capacitors, transformers, copper wire, etc. The drivers may also have significant amounts of aluminum, steel or plastic cases and hardware as major mechanical components. LED engines and electronic controls have varying amounts of similar materials used in power supplies. All of these products have components that can be recycled. Collect such electronic devices separately from household waste and dispose of them in the same way as other consumer electronic goods. Refer to local recycling regulations, in your state, to determine the proper way to dispose of large amounts of electronic goods.

Technical Support

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