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Norlux custom design services make it easy for OEMs to offer exciting new lighting products with LEDs.We specialize in engineering custom LED light engines, complete fixtures and complementary products.

Norlux offers you expertise and experience in: LED packaging, optical design, electronic controlsp, power supplies, and thermal management. We work at the LED package and die levels.

Our specific design disciplines include electrical design and PCB layout, mechanical design, optical design, and thermal design.

Our in-house engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience. Utilizing the latest design software, we design light engines to meet customers' photometric, radiometric, CCT and chromaticity requirements, as well as regulatory certifications. Simulation, rapid prototyping, and testing capabilities allow us to improve reliability and shorten development time from months to weeks.

We keep custom projects "under one roof," so our engineering and manufacturing are nimble and responsive to your needs. Your intellectual property and privacy are also high values to us. We make sure your projects are yours alone when we shake hands on an agreement.

Norlux Design Capabilities

  • Circuitry (Power, Drive, Control)
  • PCB Layout
  • 2D/3D Modeling
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Product Assembly Design
  • Color Management
  • Optical Design
  • Concept Validation

Electronics Design

TRP Electronics Design

Norlux designs and develops electronic control systems for LEDs and provides customers with truly dynamic color and programming flexibility.

Electronic Design Capabilities

  • Circuitry (Power, Drive, Control)
  • PCB Layout
  • Simulation

Optical Design

Norlux custom optical design and system development services include prototyping. Custom solutions designed to your specifications, creating a product that’s aesthetically pleasing with the desired light output.


We utilize optical modeling in the design process to verify design feasibility and development. Our tool is ASAP, the most sophisticated design analysis and prototyping program available for LED lighting solutions. Optical simulation reduces time to market and development costs.


  • Optical Analysis
  • Optical Simulation
  • Photometric/Radiometric Flux
  • Photometric/Radiometric Intensity
  • Spectral to 1 nm resolution
  • Luminance (Spot Photometer)
  • Illuminance (Handheld) Goniometric readings
  • Luminous flux (integrating sphere)
  • Luminous intensity (LED analyzer)
LED Color Control

Thermal Management Design

LED lighting solutions require thermal management systems to ensure optimum performance. We use analysis and simulation in our development process. Through both empirical and real time thermal imaging, we ensure proper thermal management.


  • Thermal Analysis
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Custom Heat Sink Design
  • Design flexibility: Natural convection, forced air, liquid and thermal cooler design solutions
  • Thermal Shock Chamber Testing
  • Thermal Imaging Capability (FLIR Imaging System) Multi-point Temperature Data Acquisition System UL 1598 IC & TC Testing
LED Color Control

LED Color Control

More Color Combinations
Trust Norlux to give you precisely mixed and controllable light output with multiple wavelength LEDs, including UV.


  • CCT and chromaticity measurements, utilizing our Integrating Spheres & Colorimeter
  • Customized optics to achieve desired color mix
  • Design and integrate control circuitry
  • Color mixing software simulation

See Our Sales Page to find your Regional Sales Manager for more information. For more information on our Custom LED Lighting Solutions check out our brochure.