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Custom LED Design Market Application

Architectural Lighting Architectural Lighting

Norlux designs innovative LED solutions for OEMs and designers in architectural lighting applications, indoor and outdoor:

  • Down lighting
  • Area lighting
  • Step lighting
  • Can lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Bath/vanity lighting
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Ceiling lighting
  • Canopy lighting
  • Troffers
  • Fixtures
  • Drivers
Aviation/Transportation Lighting Aviation/Transportation Lighting

Providing custom LED solutions for OEMs in the aviation industry is one of our specialties. We've LED lighting for aircraft interiors and exteriors for years, so we're accustomed to a variety of rigorous requirements.

  • Cabin Lighting
  • Cockpit Lighting
  • Aircraft Exterior Lighting
  • Airfield Lighting
  • Helipad Lighting

We can also support OEMs working in other transportation markets.

Industrial Lighting Industrial Lighting

The industrial lighting market comprises OEMs primarily engaged in the manufacturing of electric lighting fixtures (except vehicular), lighting equipment, and lighting fixture components (except current-carrying wiring devices). Participants in this industry are generally large multinational firms that produce a range of lighting components.

  • Machine vision applications
  • Machine indicator lighting
  • High bay LED warehouse lighting
  • Indicator systems/lighting
  • Lighting requiring high-lumen output
  • Ultra Violet lighting
Horticulture Lighting Horticulture Lighting

Norlux's extensive experience in developing horticulture lighting for agribusiness customers puts your grow light project in good company. We create optimal wavelength and intensity for ideal chlorophyll absorption performance for your application.

Tell us what you want to achieve:

  • Desired light output (Spectral output and PAR)
  • Overall fixture shape and size
  • Optical distribution
  • Fixed output or wavelength/mode control
  • Specifications for ambient temperature, ingress protection, electrical requirements, safety requirements, etc
  • For more information please see our Grow Light Brochure

See Our Sales Page to find your Regional Sales Manager for more information.