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Delivering Innovative Lighting Solutions for a Better World

before Cimarron after Cimarron Top: Before; Bottom: After

Lighting decisions for today's commercial, retail and industrial property owners are rapidly changing. Today's lighting environment often requires businesses to look for innovative ways to dramatically reduce their overall energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions and overall operating risk. With the advancement of technology and rapidly changing criteria, business owners are often tasked with making tough decisions regarding utilizing traditional light sources or considering an LED alternative solution.

Spaulding Lighting understands the importance of providing customers with the proper analysis and key data required to assist in their decision making process. We have developed a "Guide to Energy Efficient Lighting Designs" that illustrates a variety of solutions for parking areas. This guide will identify and highlight specific attributes for each respective light source to aid in energy efficient design utilizing Spaulding's most popular area site lighting fixture - the Cimarron die-cast architectural luminaires.


The Cimarron family offers energy saving optical performance, while maintaining safety and security and enhancing aesthetic appeal to the property. Not only does the parking area require proper illumination for safety and security, the fixtures and poles must be aesthetically pleasing during the day and not detract from the property's overall aesthetics. The popular design of the Cimarron Luminaire features a sleek profile and stylish curves that not only provide an illumination solution that looks attractive during the day, but deliver high performance at night.

Cimarron - High Performance HID

Available in seven different International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) approved optical selections, each uniquely designed to deliver different levels of performance to meet any budget or demanding lighting requirements.

Cimarron - LED

Features high brightness LEDs designed to ideally replace a 175w, 250w or 400w HID system, while providing superior optical performance, dramatically reducing energy consumption and lowering maintenance costs. Available in 3000K, 4200K and 5100K CCT systems.