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Custom and Automated Energy Savings


The implementation of Controls in your parking area application not only offers additional benefits such as incremental energy savings and enhanced user controls; it also extends the life of the LED. The Cimarron LED features a variety of dimming and controls options that lower light levels at the user's preference, such as "off peak" hours or "after the close of business."

Parking Area Comparison with Bi-Level control option

To help illustrate the additional energy savings, the charts below compare the Cimarron LED large parking area with and without LED controls. The first example represents the luminaires at full balign-rightness in the "on-state" for
eleven hours per night.

Large Parking Lot Comparison LED without Controls
Comparison Example Hours/Night Input Wattage Annual KWH Energy Cost
Peak operation 11 210 41,314 $4,131
  Estimated anual cost $4,131

The chart below represents the same fixtures utilizing the dual circuit control option turned to half balign-rightness during six off-peak hours. The result delivers and incremental energy savings of 27% - a significant increase in savings overall. Naturally, the higher the KWH rate, the higher the savings and a quicker the payback.

Large Parking Lot Comparison LED with Bi-Level Control
Comparison Example Hours/Night Input Wattage Annual KWH Energy Cost
Peak operation 5 210 18,770 $1,878
Off-peak operation 6 105 11,268 $1,127
  Estimated anual cost $3,005
  Energy savings with controls $1,126
  Percentage of savings 27.3%


In addition to the BL BI-level control option, the Cimarron LED also features exclusive wiHUBB technology.

  • Wireless system for On/Off and 0-10VDC full range dimming control
  • Programmable autonomous operation