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LED Optical Performance

Setting New Standards for Lighting Design

With the rapid advancements of LED technology, visual acuity and better uniformity can be achieved at lower light levels than ever before. Spaulding’s Cimarron LED fixtures integrate the latest LED advancements and deliver an optical performance that can perform as well as, and in most cases, better than historical HID fixtures with higher lumen packages.

The innovative optics of the Spaulding Cimarron LED:

  • Utilize precise LED optical design and directional lens placement to maximize light delivery where it is needed
  • Enable fewer fixtures to be used to deliver comparable light levels for significant energy savings
  • The Cimarron LED is one solution to address our need to conserve natural resources without compromising safety and security
  • Redistribute the light away from unwanted areas and places where it can be better utilized
  • Multiple individual optics designed for maximum performance with very little wasted energy
  • Offers enhanced uniformity for greater visibility
Backlight Control

ECL1PSE Backlight Control

For those LED projects that require minimal light behind the pole, Spaulding Lighting has a solution – ECL1PSE Backlight Control. This unique system, designed specifically for LED lighting, will virtually eliminate the light spill behind the pole. (See specification page for details)

  • Reduce light 85% behind the pole - industry leading performance
  • No change to fixture appearance or EPA
  • Achieves impressive Backlight-Uplight-Glare (BUG) rating
  • Neighbor-friendly lighting
  • 2012 IES Progress Report Award winner

Versatile Mounting Options

Choose from traditional straight, architectural upswept die-cast aluminum arm designs or optional mast fitter. The arm is shipped installed to the fixture for ease of installation. Supply wire connections are made through the wiring access door located in the arm, so there is no need to open the fixture during installation.

Mounting Options

Cimarron LED