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Connector, Parallel Groove


Collection Name: 

Catalog ID: LCU70088

Collection Name: 
Catalog ID:  LCU70088
Three U-Bolt Aluminum Parallel Groove Connector
  • For aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper conductor splice/ tap connections
  • Sealant (XB) is recommended on all connections

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Product Details


Bolt Head Type U-Bolt
Bolt Installation Torque (Recommended) 0 ft-lbs
Cover Available No
EU RoHS Indicator No
Inhibitor Loaded No
Material Aluminum
Material - Body Aluminum Alloy
Material - Body Halves Aluminum Alloy
Material - Bolt Aluminum Alloy
Material - Bottom Member Aluminum Alloy
Material - Casting Aluminum Alloy
Material - Hardware Aluminum Alloy
Material - Spacer Aluminum Alloy
Plating No
Product Category Mechanical Connectors
Style Three U-Bolt
UPC 096359320357


Bolt Diameter 0.750 in
Diameter - Bolt 0.75 in
Weight 8.624 lb

Conductor Related

Conductor Compatibility ACSR-Flicker-477-24/7;ACSR-Hawk-477-26/7;ACSR-Hen-477-30/7;ACSR-Osprey-556.5-18/1;ACSR-Parakeet-556.5-24/7;ACSR-Dove-556.5-26/7;ACSR-Eagle-556.5-30/7;ACSR-Peacock-605-24/7;ACSR-Squab-605-26/7;ACSR-Kingbird-636-18/1;ACSR-Swift-636-36/1;ACSR-Grackle-1192.5-54/19;ACSR-Bittern-1272-45/7;ACSR-Pheasant-1272-54/19;ACSR-Dipper-1351.5-45/7;ACSR-Martin-1351.5-54/19;ACSR-Bobolink-1431-45/7;ACSR-Plover-1431-54/19;ACSR-Nuthatch-1510.5-45/7;ACSR-Parrot-1510.5-54/19;ACSR-Lapwing-1590-45/7;AAC-Dahlia-556.5-19;AAC-Mistletoe-556.5-37;AAC-Meadowsweet-600-37;AAC-Orchid-636-37;AAC-Flag-700-61;AAC-Violet-715.5-37;AAC-Nasturtium-715.5-61;AAC-Columbine-1351.5-61;AAC-Carnation-1431-61;AAC-Gladiolus-1510.5-61;AAC-Coreopsis-1590-61;ACAR-653.1-12/7
Conductor Diameter (Tap) - Maximum 1.526 in
Conductor Diameter (Tap) - Minimum 1.316 in
Conductor Diameter - Maximum 1.526 in
Conductor Diameter - Minimum 1.316 in
Conductor Diameter Range 1.316 - 1.526

Certifications and Compliance

UL Listed No


Pallet Quantity 180

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