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LoadLooker Ammeter, Up to 69kV, 60 Hertz Unit

By CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: MEAMP11RW

By CHANCE Utility
Catalog ID:  MEAMP11RW
Instead of you manipulating a hinged or clamp-type inductive pick-up, the patented LoadLooker electronically closes the loop for you. Its unique U-shape jaw senses the amperage present between its tines. The open-end design lets you check loads on components not accessible by other hot-line ammeters. Live-line-ready hotstick mount A standard fitting on the LoadLooker lets it mount on your insulated hotsticks just as any other universal tool. Your hot-line crews can begin using it immediately, in compliance with prescribed safe-working clearances for yoursystem voltages. Simple push button operation, direct-reading accuracy, a single button controls the operation. Push it once to turn on the LoadLooker. Push it a second time and LoadLooker will display the word HOLD and continue to display the next reading it “sees” until you push the button to clear it. This lets you bring it down from the line to eye level to read it. After five idle minutes, the unit will turn itself off or you can manually turn it off by keeping the button depressed for five seconds. A detailed Operators Manual and storage case are included with each LoadLooker.

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Style LoadLooker Ammeter, Up to 69kV
UPC 096359322016


Jaw Width 3.86"
Weight 3.1 lb

Electrical Ratings

Amperage - Display Range 0-99.9 Amperes (0.1 Amp increments); 100-1999 Amperes (1.0 Amp increments)
Amperage Rating Up to 2000 A
Withstand Voltage Up to 69 kV


Standard Package 1

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