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"H.M." Moisture Eater II Wipes

By CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: C4002538

By CHANCE Utility
Catalog ID:  C4002538
Small pocket-size packets encourage frequent cleaning of insulated hot-line tools, line hose and rubber blankets. This helps utilities stay in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269(j). It’s so easy: Just zip open a foil packet and pull out the premoistened, lint-free towel. Each wipe is saturated with a half ounce of patented, orange-scented Moisture Eater II solvent. The hanger box holds 50 wipes to keep them handy in crew bays, on trailers, in trucks. Above the dispenser, the words “You can comply with OSHA!” urge daily tool cleaning. The sealed wipes mean no more rags to store or try to keep clean in the field; no more jugs to stow, big spills, evaporation losses or wasteful excesses just to wet large cloths. The unique formulation of Moisture Eater II removes concerns about wasting it while taking time to thoroughly clean tools. It has a much lower evaporation rate than other hotline tool cleaners. You can expect drying times from 10 to 20 minutes without concern because it contains no water and actually dissolves water in its presence. By environmental design, the Moisture Eater II formula does not contain chlorinated solvents harmful to the Earth’s ozone layer. The proprietary Moisture Eater II mix contains two solvents: One for oils, waxes and silicone-type contamination; one for contamination wet with water. This combination is ideally suited for cleaning hot-line tools. A by-product of citrus fruit, one component is biodegradable. The other protects it from decomposing until used. For more technical details, refer to Material Safety Data Sheet ABC/C56.

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Style Moisture Eater II Cleaner
UPC 096359240594


Weight 2.626 lb


Carton Quantity 1

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