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EGCT - Generator Current Transformer - Encapsulated Generator Bushing CT

By Meramec 
By Meramec
The Encapsulated Bushing-type Generator CT is designed to be mounted over the high voltage terminal bushing of power generators. The Bushing-type GCT may also be used on Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) on higher system voltage levels while maintaining its own mere 600 Volt class rating. Its simple construction provides a low leakage product with extremely high short circuit capabilities. Because the coil is totally encapsulated it is ideal for harsh and heavy duty environments.
  • Each unit is customed engineered to fit application
  • Designs can be made to match existing CT characteristics
  • Other conduit openings are available - threaded up to 1.5" - NPT or non-threaded holes up to 52mm
  • Designs can be made to match existing CT characteristics
  • Gapped cores for remanence control and transient response
  • Windings may be provided with special test taps
  • Rating Factors: Up to 1.0 @55°C Ambient
  • Metering class: 0.15S thru 0.6 (IEEE) / 0.2S thru 0.5 (IEC)
  • Burdens: B0.1 thru B1.8 / 2.5 - 45 VA
  • NOTE: Sizes and accuracy class are dependent on current ratio
  • Available in Single Ratio (SR) only

Product Details


Application Relaying and Metering
Color - Housing Sky Gray (ANSI 70)

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