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Quick Ship

Let Hubbell’s Quick Ship Program Keep Your Substation Project On Track

Next time your substation project calls for a quick fix, trust Hubbell Power Systems’ connectors to get your product there when you need it. Our Quick Ship program for Substation Connectors is designed to ship over 80% of our connectors in 5 days or less. We invested more than $700k in our facility in order to be able to respond quickly to your emergency needs. And we have achieved a 100% on time shipment metric since this rapid shipment program started in 2015. We turn the Uh-Oh’s into Oh Yes! Try us out by calling our Customer Service at the number below.

Contact our Customer Service team at HPSCS@hubbell.com or call 844.477.1122 to inquire about using the Quick Ship service.


Whenever I get into an emergency, I find that expedites from vendors can be ridiculously expensive. Can I afford your Quick Ship items?

Our QS Program levies a nominal fee per part and it is very affordable. Try us out and we think you will agree.

How do I know if a part can be Quick Shipped?

About 80% of our whole catalog is eligible for rapid shipment. Call your Customer Service (CS) Rep to find part eligibility and up-charge.

I need a part desperately! Can I get it in less than 5 days?

We quote a lead time of 5 days, but we are often able to ship sooner. Our average YTD time to ship parts is 2 days. We cannot guarantee quicker than 5 days but it is certainly possible! We are always pushing ourselves to get faster and more efficient!

How can you offer items which are Made to Order this fast?

This is a good question. We have so many parts that keeping inventory stocked with all of them does not make financial sense. But we operate our own foundry (not many competitors do) and in 2015 we invested over $700k in plant upgrades to allow to fulfill orders rapidly and ship in = 5 Days. We have shipped 100% of these orders in = 5 Days since we started Quick Ship in 2015!


I wanted to thank you and your team for helping me out of a jam. By utilizing the Quick Ship program, Hubbell was able to manufacture and ship 18 bronze connectors in two days. Wow! I was happy with the five days quoted originally, but the service from you and your team was outstanding. Your team provided daily updates along with tracking information when the material was shipped.

I would recommend utilizing the Quick Ship program to anyone. Not only did you save (our) substation work from coming to a screeching halt, you saved me thousands from what other manufacturers promised to do in a five day period.

Brad Tooley, COO
Western United
Electric Supply Corporation

Days to Ship

  • 1.8 Average Days to Ship
  • 100% Lines Shipped < 5 Days
  • 99% Lines Shipped < 3.5 Days
  • 90% Lines Shipped < 3 Days
  • 67% Lines Shipped < 2 Days