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ArcheType X Advantage

Application 1

ArcheType X empowers designers and specifiers to tailor fit lighting to meet unique site specific light needs.

The Challenge:
Maintaining high Min. fc of 2.0 fc while maintaining uniformity of 3:1.

The Solution:
Total Fixtures: (8) ARX25

The Type X Benefit:
Four less fixtures, a 33% improvement

  • 12% improvement in Efficacy (lm/w)
  • Project wattage savings of 150W, a 6% improvement
  • Exceptional uniformity, a 42% improvement
  • Significantly less light trespass with cleaner boundary lines

Type X Iso Line Distribution

Competitor Iso Line Distribution

Type X outperforms competition with exceptional uniformity while maintaining 2.0fc min with fewer fixtures and less wattage overall.

  Fixture Quantity Total Wattage (W) Average Efficacy (lm/W) Min FC Uniformity
Design Criteria       2.0 3:1
Type X 8 2283 106 2.0 1.75:1
Competitor 12 2556 111 1.1 3.93:1
Type X Savings 4 273      
Type X % Improvement 33% 11%     42%

Application 2


ArcheType™ X is available in 9, 16 and 25 LED module variations, of 6 LEDs each. Individual modules have 0-70° tilt adjustment and 355° of independent module rotation. With this amount of control, and unlimited number of distributions are available in a single luminaire.

With Kim Lighting's ArcheType X, designers and specifiers are able to tailor-fit lighting to meet the unique, specific illumination needs of a site. These site specific "Type X" distributions are the most efficient and cost effective available on the market today.

Reduce poles and fixtures, increase efficacy and uniformity.