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At the forefront of my value system are integrity and respect. I firmly believe all interactions must start with being honest and respectful of other’s unique perspectives. Innovation often comes when we view things through the eyes of others. At my core, I am a people person and a field guy, I love being in front of Architects and Specifiers. Discussing project requirements and offering recommendations plays to my creative background. There is nothing more rewarding than walking into a location that you helped to design in collaboration with your clients. The result of that work is a space for people to enjoy for years to come. That’s an awesome feeling.

I enjoy understanding the data and flow of business, being able to utilize data to either best assist a customer facing problem or continue to help the business move forward. In my roll I answer tech support questions internally and externally, monitor data levels, and managing the product from the back end of the system. Growing up as a competitive athlete has influenced my professional life, each player has a role for the greater success.


Without a doubt, I enjoy helping our customers, both internally and externally. I have been in Customer Service my whole career and lived through many changes…not quite from the days of candles but almost! The questions I field range from ship dates, carrier PRO#’s, helping with installation, to Tier 1 problem solving. I also train and mentor Customer Support/Standard order processors. It is very rewarding when you work through an issue with a customer to have them share their appreciation of your time and knowledge. The end result is a happy customer who will continue to buy from us.

I have spent the better part of my career with Order Processing and have had a front row seat to the many changes in the lighting industry. I love the challenge of a large project with multiple products, various options, from standard to custom products. I use my detective skills to work my way through these large projects along with assisting the staff in the Customer Support department daily. I enjoy working with the various departments that develop new products and maintain our existing products. A happy customer is a repeat customer. Our goal is to support new and repeat customers for continued growth.


I always want the people I’m working with to know their ideas are valued and appreciated. The design process is fun - you get to model up conceptual ideas, figure out how to make it work, collaborate with others on how to make it even better and then watch it come to life. It’s the dream.

I help customers visualize our fixtures within their space and how they can not only improve the look but the feeling of the space. Plus provide help with IES files, BIM files, color chip samples, spec sheets, etc. I love being creative and helping to express the ideas behind each new fixture. Envisioning how the light will change and improve a room is exciting. Values that drive me include a dedication to getting things right; I’m a perfectionist at heart.