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Developing Custom Fixtures

Throughout our 75-year history, we have developed custom fixtures in response to designers' needs. Many of these have become industry standards today. And while the lighting industry has continued to consolidate, and many companies who once offered custom products do so no longer, our independence and our vertically-integrated design, fabrication and assembly capabilities allow us to work closely with designers to bring their inspired ideas into reality.

Decades ago, the design community asked us to make fixtures that "look like structural beams" - and our Mod family of products was born. We were asked if we could "put the lights behind boards" - and Cove lighting became reality. Designers requested a system that provided high quality perimeter lighting and created a "floating ceiling effect" - and the Wall/Slot family was created. So we wonder - what custom fixtures are we working on today that will become the industry standards of tomorrow?

You can see some of our custom projects in the Applications area of our web site. Below we've listed a few projects that were particularly notable. We hate to drop names, but maybe you can guess some of these clients with whom we have had the opportunity to collaborate:

  1. For the flagship London store of a major electronics retailer (think phones, pads, and laptops), we worked with the design team to develop a custom, large rectangular housing for LED light sources.
  2. For a major US airport (where I left my heart), the designers asked us to develop large recessed housings for a fluorescent system that included custom baffles.
  3. For an international auto manufacturer (with the top selling hybrid vehicle), we developed a custom round pendant fixture at the request of the designers with high efficiency lamps and ballasts to display the cars in an efficient way.
  4. For a federal courthouse in the Western US (at a mile-high elevation), the designers needed a custom linear fluorescent solution with field-adjustable staggered lamps, which our engineering team implemented successfully.

We enjoy the challenges that these custom projects bring. And who knows? Maybe in another 75 years we will be remembering that one project requiring custom fixtures, which then became the new industry standard. So don't hold back. Bring us your ideas for customization and we can create an exciting solution together.