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Modifying Standard Products

Some projects demand modifications to our standard lighting fixtures. We love to say "Yes" to a modified product if it helps to meet your project's needs.

We love our standard products. But we also love to change them when the idea behind the project requires it. We often say "Yes" to questions such as:

  • Can you install a daylight sensor in that fixture?
  • Can you design a special bracket for mounting?
  • Can you modify the wiring to enable my control scheme?
  • Can you change the distribution in certain areas?
  • Can you match this special color that is being used?
  • Can you &elip; ?

So go ahead. Ask away. Challenge us. We'd love to say "Yes" to your ideas.

For example - here are some projects where the design team's inspired ideas required us to modify our standard products.

  1. For the Jackson Hole airport, we modified our Mod fixtures with a staggered lamp design that provided continuous linear lighting with minimal socket shadows.
  2. For the Royal Bank offices, we modified our Arcos fixtures to include ultrasonic occupancy sensors for automatic control of the lighting.
  3. For the Tustin Library, we developed a custom mounting bracket for our Staklite fixtures so that they could be mounted directly to the book stacks.
  4. For the Homewood Middle School, we modified our LC fixtures to enable full compatibility with a Lutron EcoSystem control solution.
  5. For the Wood Hall Lewis & Clark Law School, we modified our Classica fixture so that it could be mounted to the study tables.
  6. For the Kingswood High School, we modified our CS/av Classroom Control Solution to provide multiple on-off switches at the classroom doorways.

Maybe your project needs can be completely satisfied with our standard products. Great! But if you need to modify something, just ask. We enjoy figuring out how to make it work for you.