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Fire Pump Controller MPT450TS Pilot Series - Autotransformer Closed Transition with Automatic Transfer Switch

By Metron/Metron-Eledyne 
By Metron/Metron-Eledyne
MPT450TS Pilot Series Autotransformer Closed Transition Start Type with Automatic Transfer Switch incorporates a heavy-duty autotransformer with taps available at 50%, 65%, and 80% to reduce the starting voltage to the motor. The autotransformer is factory wired to the 65% taps unless otherwise specified.The starting inrush current drawn from the power source is reduced to approximately 25% of normal when using the 50% tap, 42% of normal on the 65% tap, and 64% of normal on the 80% tap (other taps are available, consult factory representatives for more information).The timing between reduced voltage start and full voltage operation is field adjustable to accomodate specific installation requirements. An emergency start handle to close starting contactor independent of automatic control is also supplied as standard. When used, this handle will bypass the reduced voltage start feature and start the motor with full inrush current drawn from the power source.

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Application Fire Protection System
Series MPT Pilot
Type Autotransformer Closed Transition Start with ATS

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