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by Metron 

Catalog ID: HCMP400TS

Metron Fire Pump Controllers conform to the latest requirements of National Fire Protection Association's Standard for Centrifugal Fire Pumps as adopted by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., and Factory Mutual. They are withstand rated and listed by Underwriters' Laboratories', Inc., and approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation. Sizes range from 15 to 600 horsepower, 200 to 600 volts (480 volts max. when supplied with transfer switch), 60 Hz. These controllers are for use on Reduced Voltage type installations. To assure the best possible reliability, only the highest quality components all UL listed or UL recognized are used. The cabinet is fabricated of heavy gauge reinforced steel with drip-proof hood. All field wiring and service connections may be made from the front, allowing the controller to be mounted flush against a wall. The controller is completely wired, assembled, and tested at the factory before shipment, and ready for immediate installation. The MP400 series fire pump controllers incorporate heavy-duty resistors which reduce in-rush current to approximately 50% of normal. An adjustable timing relay is provided to control time between reduced voltage start and full voltage operation. An emergency start lever to close the starting contactor independent of automatic control circuits is also supplied as standard. When used, this lever will bypass the reduced voltage start feature and start the motor with full inrush current drawn from the power source.

Product Details


Application Fire Protection System
Temperature Range 4.4⁰C to 50⁰C

Electrical Ratings

Frequency Rating 50/60 Hz
Power Factor 15-600
Voltage Rating 200-600 V