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by Metron 

Hubbell's Model LX-600 Jockey Pump Controllers are intended for across-the-line starting of squirrel cage motors up to 10 hp at 200/208V, up to 15 hp at 220/240V, and up to 25 hp at 440/480V. Larger hp sizes are available, consult factory. The controller is for fire protection system applications where it is desirable to maintain uniform system water pressure by the use of an automatic pressure maintenance pump.Model LX-600 Jockey Pump Controllers serve overall system efficiency by detecting minor fire protection water system leakage. By bringing jockey or make-up pumps on line, they maintain pressure within set point limits without unnecessary cycling of the main fire pump. These controllers come standard in a Type 3R enclosure with one point latch, flanged door.The LX-600 has a combination motor controller, 15-290 psi pressure switch, a "Hand"-"Off"-"Auto" selector switch, and hp rated fusible disconnect switch. Fuses are available as an option utilizing Type J fuses.An optional running period timer, control transformer and pump operating pilot light are available. The running period timer keeps the pressure maintenance pump running for a predetermined time period after initial starting. It eliminates frequent "Stop" - "Starts", thereby saving wear and tear on system components.