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Progress Lighting’s Energy Star collections: Beauty and efficiency

When you think of Energy Star-rated lighting, what usually comes to mind? Most of us think of very functional downlights and products with limited visual appeal. While these types of lighting play an important role in our homes, Progress Lighting continues to expand our families that are both energy efficient and decorative. Imagine illuminating your […]

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High Performance Lighting Guide for the Home: Exterior Designs

The lighting industry has experienced many technological advances throughout the past few decades. As a result, CFL and LED fixtures are readily available for residential purposes. High performing and energy efficient fixtures are becoming not only more practical on the interior, but also in exterior lighting designs. With the wide availability of CFLs and LEDs, […]

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High Performance Lighting Guide for the Home: Part 6

Controls One of the most important parts of a High Performance Lighting (HPL) design is the selection of appropriate controls for lighting each room. Controls that are used for HPL are categorized into three types: 1)   Use limiting: switches, occupancy sensors, timers and solar controls 2)   Intensity lighting: dimmers 3)   Programmed patterns of use: lighting […]

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High Performance Lighting Guide for the Home: Part 4

The Availability and Cost of High Performance Lighting Traditional residential, incandescent lighting varies widely in both availability and cost. This is also true for the five categories of High Performance Lighting: tubular fluorescents, built-in CFLs, decorative CFLs, built-in LEDs and decorative LEDs. Tubular Fluorescents– These strip lights are the simplest of fluorescent fixtures, and are […]

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Ceiling Fans: A simple solution for winter warmth and efficiency

Fall is definitely in the air! The temperature in now in the 50’s at our headquarters in Greenville, S.C., which looks like cooler weather is here to stay. With all the hype of conserving energy while saving money today, you might be wondering how you can reduce your heating bill during the winter months. Have […]

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High Performance Lighting for the Home: Part 2

As we discussed in our first High Performance Lighting post, HPL is the use of excellent quality lighting that is also energy efficient. Installing HPL in your home can provide a beautiful atmosphere while decreasing your carbon footprint. So just how do you go about applying this type of lighting to your home? There are […]

energy efficiency,  lighting designs,  Progress Lighting

High Performance Lighting for the Home: Part I

Most new homes come equipped with only the minimum lighting fixtures needed to meet building safety code requirements, with little attention paid to energy efficiency. That means it’s the homeowner’s responsibility (that means you!) to hire a lighting designer or create a plan to beautifully illuminate your home with efficient fixtures. But rest assured, we […]

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Light bulbs made simple

While there are plenty of news stories and opinions about new light bulb standards and equivalencies, many people are still unsure about what to buy. Our friends at the American Lighting Association recently highlighted three of the most common questions consumers have and offer expert answers. Q: What it is the best replacement for incandescent […]

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How to select a CFL

In 2001, the U.S. Department of Energy found that lighting accounted for around 7 percent of a home’s energy use. In 2010, the most recent data, that statistic rose to more than 15 percent. CFL lighting is one of the most realistic options for homeowners to reduce lighting consumption in their home. But because it […]

energy efficiency,  Progress Lighting

Introducing the new Guide to Green Lighting Solutions

The “green movement” – sparked by the quest to improve our environment and new government mandates – has individuals evaluating their homes and places of business for ways to improve efficiency and sustainability. Did you know that the average American home uses 11 percent of its energy consumption in lighting alone? To address this challenge, […]