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lighting designs

How to Plan the Perfect Lighting

With all the fantastic, beautiful and functional lighting styles on the market today, it’s easy to fall in love with the perfect fixture. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your lighting design.  Here’s a room-by-room tour of how to plan the perfect lighting for your home. Exterior Featuring: Granbury […]

lighting designs

Lighting Tips for Aging Vision

As we age, so do our eyes. Physical changes take place that makes seeing everyday objects and performing everyday tasks more difficult. The eye’s lenses begin to discolor, making it harder to see and distinguish between certain color shades. The muscles that control pupil size and reaction to light lose some strength, so glare becomes […]

lighting designs

How to Design a Home Lighting Plan

Phot by Merrick’s Art and Aubrey Stock Penn Collection There’s more to selecting lighting for your home than just picking out beautiful lights. To properly light your home, you’ll need a combination of lighting fixtures that define and enhance your space while providing the function each room requires.  To begin your lighting plan, consider the […]

lighting designs

Versatility Rules: Expand Your Lighting Options

Design rules are made to be broken, and it’s time to try something different. Expand your lighting options by thinking beyond traditional ways and places to use lighting and try one of these trends instead. Using Outdoor Fixtures, Inside Bringing the outdoors inside by repurposing light fixtures that traditionally are only hung on a home’s […]

lighting designs

Easy Lighting Hacks to Reduce Glare

Oh, my aching head! If you’ve recently started working at home, some of the things you take for granted in your workplace may be issues at home. At work, it was easy to call maintenance or put in a request for service if you needed new batteries or a fresh light bulb. At home, guess […]

lighting designs

Tips for Working at Home: How to Light an Office

For many people, working at home has suddenly gone from being a perk to a necessity. Whether you’re setting up shop at the kitchen table or creating a complete home office, it needs to be a space that is ultimately comfortable and productive. Here are some tips for how to light your home workspace. No […]

lighting designs

What You Need to Know When Choosing Lighting

It’s exciting to plan a remodel or build a completely new home! But the number of decisions to be made on the materials, fixtures and appliances can be somewhat overwhelming. And that’s why some people leave items on their to-do list, such as choosing the lighting, to the last minute. Here’s what you need to […]

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Ways to Get Creative with Edison Lights in Every Room of the Home {Guest Post}

Everything old is new again!—with all the chatter about LEDs and CFLs, it may seem strange to suddenly be talking about good old-fashioned incandescents. But vintage Edison bulbs have been showing up everywhere of late, from private homes to some of New York’s hippest restaurants, and for good reason: their twisted filaments have a visual […]

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Your Pictures, Our Fixtures: 7 inspiring spaces that banish boring

We are constantly inspired by the wealth of interior design inspiration that is populating our Instagram news feed. From home improvement tips to popular color schemes to unexpected lighting applications – the latest looks and trends are right at your fingertips on this visually-driven platform. Plus, we love seeing how our customers are using Progress Lighting fixtures to […]

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Bright ideas for lighting your mudroom

At its most basic level, the mudroom serves as the passageway that leads family and guests from the interior of your home to outdoor areas, and vice versa. However, this space has evolved to have greater purpose and functionality – often equipped with practical storage units, laundry appliances and home office essentials. The mudroom has […]