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Make Room For More

How to create a multi-functional space in your homeOpen concept floor plans: homeowners love them for the comfortable, open areas they offer for family and friends to gather. However, since the pandemic has changed how we work, live and learn at home there’s a growing need for quiet spaces. Both privacy and flexible work areas […]

holiday lighting

Tips for Holiday Lighting

Set the mood for the holidays with your lighting choices. Decorating with lights is a must-do when it comes to holidays, and, of course, plugging in string lights is an easy and fast way to get your holiday glow on. But when it comes to true holiday ambiance, your regular lighting plays an important role. […]

Design Tips

Update Your Home for Holiday Cheer

Now more than ever, we’re all looking to our surroundings to bring cheer as the holidays approach. We’ve changed how we approach winter celebrations, and whether you’re hosting a virtual party or an intimate, safe family get-together, a cozy and festive atmosphere is a must! Installing new lighting is a quick way to update your […]

ceiling fans,  New Products

Ceiling Fans: New Styles for Welcoming Spaces

Ceiling fans are fast becoming a key element of a room’s décor scheme: they offer comfort, a design focal point, and the convenience of Wi-Fi operation. Control is easy using a handheld remote, smart phone, tablet or voice assistant like Google Home or Alexa. Just say “Hey Google, turn the fan on high”; or set […]

lighting designs

Lighting Tips for Aging Vision

As we age, so do our eyes. Physical changes take place that makes seeing everyday objects and performing everyday tasks more difficult. The eye’s lenses begin to discolor, making it harder to see and distinguish between certain color shades. The muscles that control pupil size and reaction to light lose some strength, so glare becomes […]

Office Lighting

It’s Fall: New Ways to Work, Learn and Live From Home

It’s been six months since the pandemic began, and life as we know it has changed. For many of us, working and attending school from home are trends that show no signs of stopping in the foreseeable future. Adjustments have been made: the kitchen table is now the office, the dining room is a classroom, […]

Bathroom Lighting

Beautiful Bathrooms

Say goodbye to boring bathrooms! It used to be a room where form followed function, now style takes center stage into the bath, creating the ultimate area to relax and recharge. If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom, or simply want a peek at the latest trends, we’re here to get you inspired with some […]

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Tips for Safety, Security and Beauty

Exterior lighting is a part of every building’s design. It adds beautiful curb appeal and can make a design statement as it guides the way for visitors and family. But exterior lighting is much more than simply placing a couple of wall lanterns or a hanging light near an entrance. There are many outdoor lighting […]

Bedroom Lighting

Swoon-Worthy Bedrooms

It’s more than a place to enjoy a good night’s sleep: today’s bedrooms serve as restful retreats and an escape from daily life. Join us on a tour of swoon-worthy bedrooms that will inspire you to create your own peaceful haven. Photographer: Kristin Leitten Hanging a chandelier instead of a typical flush mount fixture or […]

lighting designs

How to Design a Home Lighting Plan

Phot by Merrick’s Art and Aubrey Stock Penn Collection There’s more to selecting lighting for your home than just picking out beautiful lights. To properly light your home, you’ll need a combination of lighting fixtures that define and enhance your space while providing the function each room requires.  To begin your lighting plan, consider the […]