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12 Interior Design Styles, Defined

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re celebrating with twelve days of inspiring interior design styles. Throughout the holiday season, our social media sites – Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook – will be counting down the latest design trends in lighting, furniture, and accessories, plus tips on how to get the look for yourself. Whatever your design preference, there’s sure to be a home décor style that’s perfect for you.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s an overview of some of the interior design styles that will grace our social media pages over the coming days.

Bohemian style interior design is perfect for non-conformists who shy away from rigid design rules, preferring to use their unique tastes to create their space. Today’s Bohemian decor gets away from its maximalist roots and leans towards a more straightforward approach, with minimal elements that contrast with patterned décor to add a pop of color. Rugs, pillows, and furniture made with soft, lush materials and textures create a cozy atmosphere that helps family, friends, and guests feel at home.

Farmhouse decor showcases the simplicity and common-sense functionality of country living. Use a color palette of whites and other soft neutrals and add in weathered wood, distressed décor, and darker elements to create contrast. Consider dark chairs, bold lighting fixtures, and metal or wooden signage to create interiors that showcase antique charm.

Traditional home décor has a timeless style dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries that exemplifies elegance and comfort.  Furniture is crafted from rich woods like mahogany, maple, and cherry and upholstered with luxurious fabrics. Architectural details of built-in cabinetry, crown molding, columns, wood paneling, and coffered ceilings are typical. Lighting is classic in design, with sweeping arms, crystal elements, and dark or brass finishes.

Luxe mixes sleek design, sophisticated details, gorgeous materials, and statement décor for interiors that exude glamour.  The Luxe life is opulent without being over the top. Rich fabrics, glass, and lustrous metallic finishes are balanced throughout the design elements for a refined yet comfortable luxurious look. Gold, chrome, and silver finishes are mixed with crystal in lighting and accessories to offer a light and airy feel, for a space that is ultimately inviting and comfortable.

Simple, rugged, and full of natural beauty, Rustic home decor features wooden elements, an outdoor-inspired color palette, and an overall organic feel. Stonework, raw and reclaimed wood, and earthy, vibrant colors are used in furniture and accessories that have a handcrafted look and feel. A warm color palette of natural earth tones- greens, browns, and grays – offers an inviting, relaxed style.

Modern Mountain 
Mountain Modern home style is all about clean lines, an uncluttered interior, and open layouts that let the sweeping views outside command attention. The design emphasis is placed on a neutral color palette of whites, grays, and blues plus native building materials like rough stone and natural wood for texture.  Lighting can be oversized, with airy, open designs that are meant to shine without obstructing views from the plentiful windows in the space.

Not sure which decorating style fits your personality best? Take our quiz ! And be sure to visit Progress Lighting’s Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook pages for more inspiring design ideas.