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3 lighting styles that master the mid-century modern trend

Mid-century modern is a trend that is taking the residential design scene by storm. This is your classic “Mad Men” style. Furniture and fixtures that were prevalent in the 1950’s era are coming back around with a more simplified, modern appeal. Whether its a new contemporary restaurant or the latest issue of Elle Decor – the mid-century phenomena is taking a bold stand. How does lighting play a role? Take a look at three distinct lighting styles that contribute to a mid-century modern approach.

  • 1. Shaded Fixtures

The Progress Lighting Markor collection is getting an upgrade with a new LED option – bringing the “modern” into the mid-century style to full completion.

Markor Vanity Lighting
Markor Vanity Lighting
  • 2. Glass Globes

Styles with simplistic geometric elements further a mid-century approach, which is why our globe pendants have seen a surge in popularity. With much versatility, these globes can be positioned in groups, or serve as a stand-alone statement piece. Our Penn collection also offers a clear glass option that also furthers the effect that spheres and orbs have on mid-century style.

P4403-29_Pendant shot H (1)

  • 3. Kiss Pendants

Our Kiss collection brings a unique appeal to interior settings, featuring a characteristic tear drop shape that can serve as a focal point. Mix and match with other pendants and mini-pendants, or style in a row for a more unified look.

Kiss Kitchen Lighting
Kiss Kitchen Lighting