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4 benefits of under cabinet lighting (that you probably weren’t aware of)

Under cabinet lighting is an easy, cost-effective way to add visual depth and task efficiency to your most-used workspaces in the home. Perfect for above kitchen countertops or under floor cabinets, the payback of installing under cabinet fixtures is quite significant. While you may be aware of the task applications of under cabinet lights (such as enabling safe food preparation on countertops) here are a few benefits that may not be top of mind – but will make a world of difference.

Layered lighting design with under cabinet fixtures completed by Mandy Brown Architects
Layered lighting design with Progress Lighting under cabinet fixtures completed by Mandy Brown Architects

1. Energy Efficiency

Under cabinet fixtures ensure high energy savings – especially when you elect to install LED under cabinet lights. Not only will LED lights last for decades, but the savings on your energy bill will allow you to pursue other home design projects throughout your home.

2. Aging in Place Value

What’s the three most important elements of an aging-in-place design? Safety, safety, safety. We’ve heard from our top designer partners of the critical importance of equipping homes for aging individuals with features and technology that allow for easy mobility and use. Under cabinet lighting helps promote safety, especially in the kitchen, where cooking accidents are more probable due to poor lighting. Layered lighting is increasingly important as we age – since our eyes begin to fail us and more light is needed. Additionally, LED lights are gentle on aging eyes, eliminating glare.

3. Easy Installation

Under cabinet lighting installation is truly a DIY project. Whether you choose to use tape, puck or linear lights, installation is quick and seamless for any skill level.

4. Room Vibrancy

Don’t underestimate the inevitable beauty of a layered lighting approach. Bring your favorite rooms to life by layering ambient, task and accent lighting. With under cabinet lighting, you have your task illumination taken care of.