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5 easy weekend kitchen projects

Kitchens have evolved from an area of pure function to a primary room for entertaining. The trend towards open floor plans has further played into the kitchen serving as the heart of the home. The good news? There are easy ways that you can beautify this popular room without breaking your budget. We took some hints from a kitchen designed by our friends at Stephen Alexander Homes to bring you easy, DIY kitchen upgrades you can complete in a weekend.

Image courtesy of Stephen Alexander Homes

1. Chalkboard wall decor: What better place for chalkboard wall art than in the kitchen? Write notes of encouragement, favorite recipes, important reminders, events for the week – for all to see! Simply grab a can of chalkboard paint and hit the thrift store for an old frame – and this easy kitchen craft can add a fun and fresh feel to your home.

2. Refresh your lighting: Pendant lights are fixtures that are high in both style and function. Not only do they provide great task illumination, but the broad range of designs, sizes and colors allow you to choose a fixture that fits your space and your personality. Pictured above are our Madison pendants, a timeless collection.

3. Above-cabinet additions: Use your kitchen’s vertical space by placing greenery or trinkets above your cabinets. These additions draw your eye up, adding visual intrigue in an efficient way, and making your kitchen seem larger.

4. Bring out the cookbooks: Pull out your favorite recipe books hidden in a cabinet and display them on your counters, stacked side by side or on a book mount. The book jackets can add graphic flair to countertops – plus easy access to your favorite recipes!

5. Add pops of colors: Go bold and splash a bright color onto your bar stools or island chairs. A coat of paint can enliven the room and bring a fresh look to the space.

What are your favorite budget-friendly kitchen upgrades?