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6 simple ways to transform your bathroom into a spa retreat (without breaking your budget)

Turning your bathroom into a spa oasis doesn’t have to put a strain on your wallet. With just a few simple tips from the pros, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious haven.

1. Soft, cozy accents: If you’re looking for indulgent additions, bringing in a soft rug and fluffy towels is the perfect place to start. Neutral colors paired with velvety soft materials bring the spa-like environment right to your home.

2. Set the mood with dimmers: Installing dimmers on your bathroom lights is an easy way to control the mood. Bright bathroom lighting can be harsh and obtrusive (especially when flipped on in the early morning).

3. Outfit your bath with sweet and savory smells: There’s nothing quite like the sweet smell of a lavender-mint candle paired with a heaping bubble bath. If you’re looking for a place of a retreat, candles should be your favorite accessory.

4. Upgrade your shower head: A simple switch of your shower head – such as incorporating a rainfall design – can make a world of difference. This shower head is both cost-effective and highly-rated.

5. Add art and wall decor: The bathroom is a room that often gets left out when it comes to beautiful wall decor. Don’t forget to use your wall space with artfully arranged decor.

6. Install a decorative fixture: Like wall art, people often overlook the need for decorative lighting in a bathroom setting, when in reality, this is the perfect way to add luxury to your space. A small chandelier or bold pendant is a beautiful way to refresh your design.