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In July we featured a partnership giveaway on our social channels, highlighting some amazing brands and quick upgrades to make one lucky winner’s home makeover a dream come true. Our winner, Rachel Powers, has recently transformed her house with three Progress Lighting fixtures along with a bundle of other incredible products from our featured partners. 

Rachel Powers is a home decor blogger. She has previously worked with interior designers as well as design and house-staging teams. Her passion is to enable the modern house wife to become their own interior designer. Rachel lives in the greater Chicago area with her husband, Daniel, and their baby girl, Gwen.

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Instagram giveaways.

Who doesn’t perk up at the sight of a GIVEAWAY on Insagram?!

Aaaand you win some, you lose some…or maybe you just lose mostly.

I think statistics show that for every Instagram that you win, you “lose” (aka. not win) 1,000. Pretty sure that’s a statistic…or it might as well be anyways.

And yet, I entered another giveaway on the insta’s one day, except this one was HUGE, like too good to be real HUGE, and like I’d never win in a million years HUGE! I entered, and mentally told myself that I wouldn’t win the loot – you know, not to get my hopes up or anything. For this had become my practice whenever I entered a giveaway by liking, following and tagging anything and everything…in hopes I’d get lucky!

Well, this particular “little” giveaway included:


All of this product totaled around $2600! All for FREE to whomever the lucky winner would be! {hashtag}pleasebeme

I remember the day and the exact place where I got THE notification on my phone. I was in my car, in Chicago traffic no less, when I saw my phone screen light up. I quickly glanced to see why I was getting notified.

My heart stopped.

Reading what was on the screen was like reliving that feeling of “pinch me” when the love of my life started to get down on one knee to ask me to be his forever-girl! I was screaming (the cars beside me for sure thought I was getting stung to death by a single bee) and I kept saying, “like, is this for real?! For real, for real???” All the while, my phone kept lighting up with more notifications from the other companies participating in the giveaway reassuring me that I truly WAS the winner.

I could NOT believe it. I STILL can’t believe it.

The next few weeks were SO MUCH FUN. Shopping spree here I come! Picking out the items with the credit I had on each website, and receiving packages left and right! It was like Christmas, except honestly better!

One (or more like THREE) packages in particular I was extremely excited about – Progress Lighting. They had promised THREE gorgeous lighting fixtures in the giveaway. And boy, did they deliver on that promise!

06F8FCE7-EE26-4783-9BEC-E3AFBB3EFEDC.JPGNow you have to understand. The house I live in currently has probably the UGLIEST lighting fixtures to date. Now don’t get me wrong, my house is an amazing house, more than I ever would’ve expected as a newly wed, but the fixtures were definitely outdated. Light fixtures like this (pictured below) were decked out ALL OVER my house.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetWhat, are we still living in the 1800’s? Lightbulb candlesticks, really? And that base totally looks like the cheese grater in my kitchen..am I right?! As an interior designer – I literally died small deaths every time I passed under one of these babies.

It was like a breath of the freshest of fresh air coming into my house when I hung Progress’ stunning light fixtures. I now go the long way around from my bedroom to my kitchen JUST so I can appreciate the new sparkles in my dining room!

997B5C07-857F-4AF5-8254-7E18CB0BDDF0.JPGProgress Lighting has some of the most amazing and modern light fixtures I’ve seen (and believe me, I’ve seen a lot)! Their designs are simply immaculate and crisp. And having three of them resting in my house is like a dream come true!