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Progress Lighting

Discover Lifestyle Trends

Good design is not just what a room looks and feels like. Good design is how it works for you and your lifestyle. At Progress, we design our lighting to an ideal of livable luxury, an ideal that we translate into lighting that fits many popular lifestyle trends.

But just what is a lifestyle trend? Lifestyle trends signify what people are interested in and how they are trying to improve their lives. Some popular lifestyle trends that we look at when designing our lighting include wellbeing, self-care, and comfort. People want to be surrounded by things that make them feel safe, comfortable, and happy.


Whatever your lifestyle, you’ll find lighting that expresses it in our 2019 Curated Collections Guide. In this guide, we’ve put together the best of the best in lighting fixtures along with advice and expertise to help you find the right fixtures for your lighting space.

As you look at our lighting collections, think eclectic! While it’s certainly acceptable to coordinate lighting, our designers have purposely designed many of our families to harmonize with new and previous collections.

And there’s more! We’ve taken twelve of the most popular design trends – from Bohemian to Urban Industrial and everything in between – and created Style Boards. These boards describe the color trends, materials, aesthetics, color palette, furniture styles, and more to show you how to achieve the look that fits your lifestyle.

Here’s a sampling from our customized Style Boards that define how a variety of lifestyles can be achieved through choosing the right accents, accessories, and of course, lighting schemes.

Coastal: Nautical Elements. This style is all about sophistication with a relaxed attitude. Accents that incorporate nature-inspired materials and clean neutrals can add to this trend’s chic appeal. Designers often create a relaxed and open environment with soft throw blankets, pillows, cozy rugs, and cushioned furniture to complete the Coastal look.

Luxe: Sophisticated Setting. A sleek design, such as a dresser, paired with ornate details and touches of gold and silver, will accentuate the architecture of luxurious homes. Chandeliers and pendants with details such as dazzling crystals celebrate the element of sparkle through a sophisticated design.

Farmhouse: Vintage accents and a white or neutral color palette defines the aesthetic of simplicity and common-sense functionality of country living. Create contrast in your lighting by mixing light and dark elements. Choose lighting with a rustic feel to continue the antique theme.

Need more inspiration? View all 12 of our Style Boards today!