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Progress Lighting

Function + Style: New Trends in Undercabinet Lighting

I can buy undercabinet lighting that adds style and drama to my home? Yes, please!

More than just for kitchens, today’s undercabinet lighting is both a practical and elegant way to add a soft ambiance and romantic feeling to any room in your home.

Image courtesy of Beazer Homes

Although typically attached to wall-mounted upper cabinets these lights can also be used above cabinetry, in coves and soffits, and along base cabinet toe-kicks to provide light in unusual areas, add visual intrigue, and cast a soft glow to rooms in the evening.

While ideal for task lighting over work areas in the kitchen, home office, garage and laundry room, undercabinet lights are also perfect for highlighting decorative elements and textures such as the kitchen backsplash and cabinetry detailing. Consider installing these fixtures above a display space, such as a bookshelf or sideboard to light up cherished collectibles.

There are three primary types of undercabinet lighting: Puck, Linear, and Tape. Most rooms will need a combination of some or all of these types of undercabinet lighting. Begin by assessing the size of the space. Often, puck, linear and tape lighting can be connected to accommodate rooms of all sizes.




Choose puck lighting to create focused lighting effects that accent or showcase decorative elements, or place underneath cabinets for targeted light distribution over a work area. Progress puck lighting has a low-profile design and versatile installation options of under, above and even inside a cabinet, along with the ability to shine light up or down.

Choose tape lighting where space is limited. Progress tape lighting offers long continuous lengths, a low profile, flexibility for navigating curves, and an adhesive backing that sticks to many surfaces. It is ideal for areas such as toe kicks, cove lighting, and areas that require lengths of light that are longer than the cabinetry dimensions.

Progress LED undercabinet lighting is an easy way to incorporate cost-effective LED technology into your home. LEDs operate at a much cooler temperature, making them a good fit for warm areas, such as the kitchen. Because LEDs can last for nearly two decades, they offer a smart solution for energy savings and are low maintenance. LEDs contain no mercury or other toxic chemicals as compared to fluorescent lighting.

Progress Undercabinet Lighting provides ideal solutions for residential and light commercial applications. Learn more here.