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High Performance Lighting Guide for the Home: Exterior Designs

The lighting industry has experienced many technological advances throughout the past few decades. As a result, CFL and LED fixtures are readily available for residential purposes. High performing and energy efficient fixtures are becoming not only more practical on the interior, but also in exterior lighting designs.

With the wide availability of CFLs and LEDs, High Performance Lighting should be applied to the outside of the home as well. In an HPL exterior lighting design, practical and functional purposes take priority over decoration. High efficiency fixtures should be applied to three key areas:

1)   Circulation paths and points of entry – doors, walkways, driveways

2)   Activity areas – patios, decks, service yards

3)   Security lighting – building surfaces, service areas

If decorative lighting is desired, such as for holidays or landscape illumination, high efficiency fixtures should be employed. Did you know LED holiday lights are now available? This year’s Rockefeller Christmas tree is decorated with over 30,000 multi-colored high efficiency LED lights.

How will you apply High Performance Lighting to the outside spaces of your home?