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High Performance Lighting Guide for the Home: Part 5

High Performance Lighting Designs

When installing HPL in any room of a home, it is important to change the lighting design in accordance with one of three packages: direct, recessed and indirect lighting. The designs include incorporating as much hard-wired fluorescent and LED lighting as possible, while still providing ambient, task and accent lighting (as described in HPL: Part 1).

Direct Lighting- This is the simplest design and in some respects the most efficient.  Rooms with direct lighting are illuminated entirely by surface-mounted ceiling or wall fixtures. The most appropriate area for this design is in a laundry room, closet, garage or basement.

Recessed Lighting- This type of design is considered as another direct lighting application, as it floods the entire room with light. The main concern with this unshielded light source is glare. The most appropriate space for recessed lighting design is in the laundry room, closet, garage or basement.

Indirect Lighting- Indirect lighting applications are illuminated by concealed sources such as coves, valances, soffits and ceiling recessed wall washers. For example, the natural cove above kitchen cabinets where linear fluorescents can easily provide ambient lighting.  The greatest advantage of this design is the “naturalness,” which is great for the living room or kitchen spaces.

Have you applied any of these HPL designs to your home?