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How Progress Lighting made brands like Gucci and Chanel shine bright in a french-inspired venue

For something to be believed, it must be perceived. From the initial concept of repurposing the Postcard from Paris event venue, we challenged ourselves to create a memorable evening that would be fun and leave a lasting impression for our team and guests. And we believe we did just that!

Postcard From Paris Event featuring Nissé by Progress Lighting

  • At our Be Bright cocktail reception, we transformed the Postcard from Paris event venue in downtown Greenville  – inside and out – by using a few of our decorative fixtures. In fact, Linda McDougald, Postcard from Paris owner, loved the look so much that she opted to keep the Progress Lighting products in place of her previous lighting design!

Postcard From Paris Event featuring LED Outdoor by Progress Lighting

  • Our LED die cast aluminum path lights were selected to light the path of the Postcard from Paris courtyard. The Black finish perfectly harmonized with the wrought-iron gate and decorative flower boxes that adorned the exterior setting. Additionally, for the interior section of the courtyard, we chose our LED flood lights, which provided a dramatic wall wash effect.
  • Fun Fact: The LED outdoor lighting took less than two hours to install – and was a major upgrade for the pathway. 

Postcard From Paris Event featuring LED Outdoor by Progress Lighting

  • A variety of collections were chosen for certain areas of the interior space.

Postcard From Paris Event featuring Seeded Glass by Progress Lighting

  • + Seeded glass pendants These pendants, hung at varying heights, created two symmetrically balanced, awe-inspiring chandelier clusters.


  • + Noir Our Noir fixtures are known for making a statement. Inspired by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, these items were selected to set a classic and elegant mood.
  • + Penn One simple glass globe with polished steel nickel accents is enough for a bold accent in the most impressive spaces. It can be a stand-alone piece or hung in groupings of two or more, serving as a one-of-a-kind chandelier.
  • + Equinox Our very popular Equinox collection was chosen for the Lighting Solutions Center merchandising project, as well as our Postcard from Paris event. With it’s sleek form and interlocking rings, it’s easy to see why it’s such a fan favorite.


  • + Nissé Our 9- and 21-light Nisse chandeliers were right at home in this sophisticated event venue. With drops of opulent beads and exposed candelabra arms, it was the setting for a variety of photo opportunities throughout the night.
  • A note about energy savings: Our major obstacle with this project proved to be the power supply. Since the existing structure was historic in nature, we were limited in our available power supply, as well as our budget and bandwidth to add additional circuits.
  • After several rounds of review with product experts and electricians, the Progress Lighting team decided to swap the incandescent bulbs with LED lamps. The switch to LED alone brought our power usage down by 18 amps.
  • Additionally, the pull from the industrial fixtures allowed us to install all of the fixtures in the space and use traditional incandescent 25 watt bulbs for a calming ambiance.