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How to design safe, luxurious bathrooms for the 50+ generation

Yesterday we had the pleasure of participating in a vibrant industry Twitter chat on designing bathrooms that are both safe and luxurious. This is a popular topic as 1/5 of the U.S. population is projected to be 65 years or older within the next 15 years. The conversation provided great insight and tips into planning for a chic, yet safe #BoomerSmarts bathroom to accommodate homeowners who don’t want to sacrifice style for safety.

Read on to learn some key takeaways from the KB Tribe!

Curbless showers, textured tile and adequate lighting help promote bathroom safety for an aging population. Image featuring the Progress Lighting Chloe close-to-ceiling fixture.

Plan for floor safety

Consider safe surfaces that prevent slips and falls. Floors made of small tiles with more grout or textured tile provide greater traction. (Tip contributed by @Coverings)

Add a curbless shower with a bench

Although a tub can offer a nice focal point and great avenue for relaxation, steam showers are a nice – and luxurious – alternative that offer added safety. (Tip contributed by @HtinDesigner). Consider a walk-in shower with linear wall drains. (Tip contributed by @TecHomeBuilder)

Illuminate with LED lighting solutions

LED options are important to the 50+ generation because increases in efficacy (lumens per watt) are gentle on aging eyes. Plus, LEDs operate at a much cooler temperature, eliminating the risk of burns. (Tip contributed by us – @progressltg!)

Incorporate grab bars

Grab bars have come a long way and can now be a decorative part of your design scheme. Add these to the shower for added stability. (Tip contributed by @Remodel_w_Feia)

Consider a layered lighting approach

It is also important to consider a layered lighting design for added safety at night and visibility to complete everyday grooming tasks during the day. (Tip contributed by @thenkba)

For those of you who are not familiar with KBTribeChat, it is a weekly conversation on Twitter for kitchen and bath industry professionals. Taking place every Wednesday from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. using hashtag “#kbtribechat,” we have found the chat to be a great place to network, share knowledge, find inspiration and have fun. We hope you’ll join the conversation!