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How to incorporate livable luxury into your home {Guest Post}

Progress Lighting valued partner Bellacor contributed to this post.

  • You would think that in order to have a luxuriously styled home you would have to invest a lot of time and money, but we invited Bellacor to join us on our blog  to debunk that myth. Some of the most luxurious homes are in fact ones that are simple and chic. If you want to incorporate luxurious style into your home that is still timeless and livable, follow these tips and learn how to master the art of decorating without going broke.
  • Think about lighting
Swing by Progress Lighting
Swing chandelier

Lighting is a game changer. It is the single element that can take a space from bland and boring to glowing and sophisticated. Appropriate lighting will set the stage to an either splendidly stylish space, or an unsightly disaster. By spending a bit more time and money on lighting, you ensure that even as time passes, your room will look forever elegant. When looking into new lighting for your home, ask yourself, “what is its intended purpose?” For example, is the light for ambiance, for decoration, or for task? By determining this, you will be able to make a more informed and educated decision.

Tip: Spend a little extra and change the light switches to a dimmable version. Trust us, it makes all the difference.

  • Keep the paint neutral
Alexa Bronze Chandelier Bedroom
Alexa Bronze Chandelier

When in doubt always opt for a neutral paint color. Think eggshell white, frosty grey or tranquil taupe. A basic paint color will set the scene for your décor to do the talking and allow for ultimate flexibility when you choose furnishings. Additionally, always have your lighting in mind when choosing your paint color. By keeping your paint scheme basic, you will enhance your lightings ability to illuminate your room and keep a light and airy feel. Think simple and chic.

  • Mix the old with the new
Equinox Kitchen Lighting P3791-20 and P5142-20
Equinox collection by Progress Lighting

When it comes to décor, feel free to try a trendier item or two. Here is where you get to experiment and find just what you love. However, while it may be tempting to buy matching items or coordinating pieces from one place, instead, creative a cohesive look by mixing and matching old keepsakes with new items. Tip: Keep it simple. Avoid a clutter look and select only a few impactful décor items to display at a time. Less is more.

  • Add natural elements and textures
Streaming Vanity Lighting
Streaming vanity by Progress Lighting

One of the simplest things you can do to bring livable luxury and life into your home is to add a few plants into your decorating plan or select a natural jute rug. Not only do plants purify the air, but natural fabrics such as jute, cotton and bamboo breathe easier and will help keep your home feeling fresh. Natural fabrics, colors, textures, and plants have a calming effect and will make your home feel like your own private oasis or spa retreat.

  • Try symmetry
Clayton Living Room Lighting
Clayton collection by Progress Lighting

Symmetry might be exactly what your home needs to feel polished. Symmetry is not only very pleasing to the eye, but also gives a plan for those who are less design savvy but still want a stylish space. One of the best ways to use symmetry in your home is through lighting. Try matching lamps or wall sconces. Pick corresponding pendants over your kitchen island, or if you are designing your living room, use your coffee table as an axis point to mirror your furniture and décor on either side. By using symmetry in some aspect of your design you will create a balanced and cohesive room.

Creating a luxurious and livable space is all in the details. No need to take on a major renovation. Keep your design simple and chic and focus on what makes the biggest impact. With a few upgrades any space can achieve a luxurious look and feel while still maintaining ultimate comfort.