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How to space recessed fixtures

If you’re installing recessed lighting, you may wonder how far apart you need to space the fixtures to provide your space with the proper amount of lighting.

Solution: The spacing will depend on the fixture and the amount of light that you want to have. At a distance of 8 feet from the ceiling to the floor, the footcandles will be 6.9 footcandles, and the beam diameter will be 11.9 feet.  Footcandles are the measurement of the amount of light when it reaches a surface, and a footcandle level of approximately 10 is not unusual for general circulation in many homes.

If you place the fixtures approximately 12 feet apart, you will have about 7 footcandles directly below the fixture and at the point where the beams intersect.  Therefore, to increase your footcandle levels, you might want to use an 8-10-foot spacing.

Do you have a specific question about recessed lighting? Leave your challenge in the comments section, and we’ll respond with a solution!

Progress Lighting's P8071 6" LED downlight

Source: American Lighting Association