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Lifestyle Looks: Americana Style

A comfortable, casual vibe and subliminally patriotic look signal the rise of a new, updated Americana décor trend. Think beyond star spangled accents and rustic touches and instead, welcome a perfect mix of traditional and modern style that embraces all things American.

Today’s Americana look has been re-imagined with modern flair, incorporating organic materials, a muted color scheme, and iconic accents. Whether your interpretation of Americana leans towards the classic, farmhouse, industrial or mid-century modern, incorporate these tips for the perfect Americana style in your home.

Classic Americana:
Stars and Stripes Forever, with a twist. Rather than an overtly red, white and blue color scheme, use muted colors for new Classic Americana decor: denim blue, cream instead of white, and faded reds. Complement the palette by adding subliminal patriotic touches: use stripes in fabric, rugs, and wallcoverings; choose elegant star-themed accessories; and include lighting choices such as Blakely with its open and clean lines, or Carriage Hill whose artful angles are topped by a crisp fabric shade for the ultimate finishing touch.


Carriage Hill

Farmhouse Americana:
Homage is paid to the history of American farm life in this style of Americana décor. Pair natural materials like reclaimed woods with a light, neutral palette incorporating peach tones and dusty reds. Add vintage accents like rusted metal wall art or antique farm tools. Light your rooms with pieces from the Gresham Collection, with its substantial iron styling; or from the Jeffrey Alan Marks Rockdance Collection for Point Dume™, whose details such as bespoke leather strapping and mercury glass are a refreshing take on the Farmhouse look.



Industrial Americana:
The Industrial Revolution was a significant era in American history, and this style celebrates it by using steel, iron, and weathered wood.  Walls often feature raw textures like brick, rough plaster and exposed pipes reminiscent of factory settings, highlighted with a muted color scheme of brown, black, sepia and cream. Try vintage accents like framed old advertisements, an antique trunk used as a coffee table, and lighting designed with vintage detailing, such as the wire basket and cage frames found in the Finn and Hangar Collections that give authentic appeal to industrial settings.



Mid-Century Modern Americana:
Born after World War II, this style incorporates the best retro elements from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Form follows function, with design that strips away the superfluous and keeps to its original essence. Color palettes range from the kitschy, bright hues of the 1950s to the natural, earthy greens and oranges of the 1960s and ’70s.  Try furnishings and accessories in original-to-the era plastic, acrylic, and Formica, in low silhouettes. Clean, asymmetrical lighting designs like the Astra Collection with its space-age influence, or the Calder mobile-inspired Wandermere chandelier by Jeffrey Alan Marks for Point Dume™ to give spaces an updated Americana feel that is appealing and seemingly effortless.



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