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The buzz on home design trends from the KBTribe

We left yesterday’s Twitter #KBTribeChat inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of some of the industry’s top professionals. We were pleased to participate in a vibrant discussion on the latest home design trends. From color schemes to generational tendencies, learn the latest buzz in kitchen and bath trends straight from the experts themselves!

The Buzz on floor plans: The open plan kitchen is here to stay!

“As long as people are still gathering together, the open plan kitchen is here to stay. #kbtribechat” – @GEMonogram

“Open plan is always right for foodies and fab family entertaining! My clients def want open plans #kbtribechat” – @ToniSabStyle

“You definitely don’t want to seclude the kitchen. It’s all about accessibility & ease of entertaining #kbtribechat” – @CambriaQuartz

“Today’s open plan living demands more ~ kitchen required to fulfill desires for all who use the space! #kbtribechat” – @TheWoodKey

The Buzz on color trends: Black, White and Gray

“Black cabinets may be elegant, but they aren’t practical. White is still top. #kbtribechat” – @ChervinKitchen

“Gray is a popular cabinet color! We find it used more often than black.” – @cabinetmakers

“On our end we see lots of great new blue combinations, Indigo and warm grey or with a splash of bright colors #kbtribechat” – @Modenus

“Black is the new black but I think gunmetal is on the horizon. RT @KBtribechat: #kbtribechat Q2) Is black the new white for trophy kitchens?” – @DesignMilk

The Buzz on generational tendencies: Millennials

“Our younger generation clients are very specific and knowledgeable about their tech wants and needs. #kbtribechat” – @GEInteriors

“There is definitely a difference between how generations shop. Younger generations go online. #kbtribechat” – @TecHomeBuilder

“New gens seem to have very personalized styles and are willing to take risks with design. #kbtribechat” – @HomeAdvisor

“At the end of the day most ppl want the same thing – a design that tells their own story. #kbtribechat” – @BinnsDesign

Our take on it all?

“As a rule of thumb, ‘Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.’ #kbtribechat” – @ProgressLTG

We hope you’ll join in the conversation with the KBTribe, Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. EST!