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Aging in Place,  Progress Lighting

The Do’s and Don’ts of aging in place kitchen lighting

Whether you are helping with an aging family member or experiencing the effects of aging yourself, there are certain home improvement projects that will increase the functionality of your rooms. The kitchen is considered a “high-risk” area for home accidents, so it’s extremely important to ensure this area is equipped with aging in place functionalities. There are many updates and changes you can do in the kitchen to ensure aging inhabitants can use this room with ease and safety. From lighting to appliances to flooring, elderly inhabitants may greatly benefit from small, thoughtful upgrades. Read on to learn quick do’s and don’ts of aging in place kitchen design in the lighting category.

Aging in place kitchen by Mary DeWalt Design Group
Aging in place kitchen by Mary DeWalt Design Group
  • DO use LED lighting

In addition to the energy saving benefits of LED lighting, LEDs operate at much cooler temperatures than traditional sources, eliminating the risk of burns. Additionally, LEDs can last for decades, making these sources a very low-maintenance solution.

  • DON’T use lighting with shades

While lighting with shades can bring an elegant effect to kitchens, shades made out of fabric, canvas or linen can be difficult to clean. Shades can easily get dirty when cooking and can create an extra hassle for aging individuals.

  • DO layer your light

As we age, our eyes need more light to complete those everyday tasks with the same speed and efficiency of younger years. Layered light is crucial for creating a safe environment.

  • DON’T use exposed lamps

Fixtures with naked bulbs can create glare that makes it hard for aging individuals to see well. Cover your bulb with a diffuser or glass shade to eliminate glare.

  • DO install under cabinet task lights

Task lighting is imperative for kitchen safety. Chopping ingredients on a poorly lit counter can present a real hazard for those with impaired eyesight. Under cabinet lights are a quick solution that will also help with the visual appeal of your kitchen.