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Transform your home office into an area you love

In a lifetime, the average American will spend more than 90,000 hours at work (or in today’s day and age, in their home office). With all of that time in the workplace, why not turn your office space into an area you love? As with any room, lighting can completely transform the look and feel of the environment. For offices, it’s especially important to consider sources with proper task lighting.

Spruce up your office area with these ideas on how to adequately light your space – without sacrificing style.

A linear chandelier, such as Indulge – shown above, distributes light over an expanded space making these fixtures a great fit for larger work areas.

Pendants are fun additions that can be used for any room of the home – and the office is certainly no exception. Consider a larger pendant design that gives off ample light to position over a desk, as seen with our Glass Pendant above.

Glam up your desk area with a trendy chandelier, such as our Equinox chandelier. Chandeliers can provide an unexpected decorative element.

As with any room of the home, consider a layered lighting approach that accounts for ambient, accent and task lighting. Don’t forget to pair your decorative fixtures with other sources, such as recessed lights.

Track lighting can offer a nice source of task lighting – plus a modern flair with endless options. Browse our Illuma-Flex track lighting to spark your creativity.

How do you light your home office?

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