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Trend Watch: The Return of Luxury

Studies indicate that homeowners are planning remodeling projects on a greater scale for the first time in years. RemodelOrMove.com distributes an annual survey to 5,000 homeowners (with an average home value of $100,000) who are actively planning to remodel, but have yet to start their project.

This year the survey indicated that the vast majority of homeowners show three common trends:

  • Increase in the scale of remodeling projects
  • Increase in the average cost of the projects
  • Increase in the average number of rooms that users plan to add or remodel

The remodeling industry has also noticed a growing preference for using luxury home products, as the average remodeling cost is now approximately $100,000. This is the most homeowners have spent since 2007, and 35% of respondents are reporting that the economy is not affecting their remodeling plans.

So what exactly are homeowners spending such large dollar amounts on? Kitchens have taken the lead as the No.1 remodeling project for the first time since 2008.

In previous years, the bathroom was the most popular renovation, which is probably a result of financial uncertainty, as remodeling a bathroom is seen as a necessity.  The kitchen is perceived by homeowners to be a luxury renovation.

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, here are a few lighting tips to help you out:

  • Blend lighting types- The most effective lighting in a kitchen involves four layers blended together: task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting
  • Decorative lighting should be considered in direct proportion to the size of your kitchen
  • Install under cabinet lights towards the front the cabinet to prevent shadows
  • If working on a budget, add a dimmer switch for a cheap way to provide various levels of light for different needs

What are some lighting tips you have successfully found in remodeling your kitchen?

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