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Universal Lighting Design Truths

From coast to coast, several essential factors should guide your lighting selections, wherever you live. We consulted with design experts from K.Hovnanian, one of the nation’s largest new home developers to bring you some universal lighting design truths.

“Scale is huge,” said Lisa Giles of Haven Design Work. The wrong size dining room table, sofa, or light fixture can throw a space off. Make sure you have the right balance of form and function.

Spicewood Collection Six-Light Chandelier

It’s important to balance indirect and task lighting with accent lighting. “During our light selection process, we focus on different mood settings a room may have based on time of day,” said Richard Gacek of Gacek Design Group. “We then make sure that the functionality and layout of the space accommodate the best use of ample lighting.”

Chronicle Collection One-Light Mini-Pendant
Cherish Collection Five-Light Linear Chandelier

“Sometimes a space calls for lighting that is functional and maybe more understated, while other times the lighting is more about providing the statement piece in a room- the wow factor,” added Gina Meno of Studio Dwell.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your light fixture. “Just because you have all brushed nickel light fixtures doesn’t mean you can’t make a beautiful statement with a grand, aged-brass fixture,” suggests Lisa Giles.

Gina Meno agrees: “Our studio is hired to create tasteful memory points in the model homes, so showcasing a decorative light fixture can add impact.”

Shown: Palacio Collection Four-Light Pendant

Curate your space the way you want. Phyllis Ryan of Interior Concepts says: “Make it yours! Curate your space with treasures you love, the forms that feel good. Classic or Funky, – follow your style and light up your life!”

And don’t worry about whether your lighting finishes match each other. “A well-traveled home is about how much you love the individual piece rather than trying to make lighting selections based on specific finishes. Mixing is all right!” said Megan Fry, Model Home Interiors.

Don’t let the current trends guide your design decisions. “Invest in quality with classic and timeless pieces,” recommends Richard Gacek.

Shown: Spatial Collection Six-Light Chandelier

Shown: Fontayne Collection Six-Light Pendant

The experts agree – lighting is an easy and affordable way to add dramatic impact and a personal touch to your home.

“Great lighting design can completely transform a home and add value even to entry-level homes,” says Lisa Giles.

“Our general approach is using lighting as the jewelry of the home, says Megan Fry. “Just like you take one glamourous or memorable piece and add it to your outfit, do the same thing with the lights in your room.”

Using the right light bulb is critical to the design of the room. Your choice of light bulb can significantly affect the color the fixture gives off as well as the amount of light. And if the bulb is exposed, you are certainly going to want to consider how it looks.

“An ugly bulb can ruin a stylish fixture,” says
Gina Meno.

Show: Debut Collection Nine-Light Chandelier