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Ways to Get Creative with Edison Lights in Every Room of the Home {Guest Post}

Everything old is new again!—with all the chatter about LEDs and CFLs, it may seem strange to suddenly be talking about good old-fashioned incandescents. But vintage Edison bulbs have been showing up everywhere of late, from private homes to some of New York’s hippest restaurants, and for good reason: their twisted filaments have a visual appeal that those new bulbs can’t beat.


Technically, Edison bulbs are no different from your standard incandescent. The only real distinction is the filament—in ordinary incandescent bulbs, they’re tightly coiled, but in Edison bulbs, the filament is stretched out in various lengths and designs. This has the effect of making them an optic sensation, easily transforming the space around them with antique warmth and a hint of mystery. Here are some of the best ways to use the vintage-style bulbs in your home.

Image courtesy of Toll Brothers
Image courtesy of Toll Brothers featuring our Archive pendants and Swing chandelier

Give Your Kitchen Some Vintage Quirk | 

With their old-world charm, Edison bulbs are basically begging for a turn-of-the-century-styled industrialist fixture. They have a flair that makes them excellent in vintage-inspired pendant lighting—the perfect accent piece over a quaint kitchen table, fit for Thomas Edison himself.

Archives Bath & Vanity Application - P7156-20 and P5124-20
Archives collection by Progress Lighting

Perk Up a Bathroom Vanity | 

Vanity lighting is the perfect way to lend your bathroom some old Hollywood glamour and luxury. With their unique filament shapes, Edison bulbs add the perfect punch to any fixture, especially those exposed bulbs in your master bath.

Swing by Progress Lighting
Swing by Progress Lighting

Achieve Balance with an Edison Chandelier | 

Design is at its most thrilling when it bridges the gap between two opposites. A modernist space, such as an open plan kitchen, gets an antique nod from old-school lighting, like a mid-century chandelier studded with Edison bulbs. Meanwhile, choosing fixtures in a contemporary material, such as stainless steel, adds an extra layer of depth.

Archive wall sconce by Progress Lighting
Archive wall sconce by Progress Lighting

Add Drama to a Forgotten Hallway | 

Hallways don’t often get a lot of love, but when paired with the perfect lighting, they can be the beacon that draws you into a space. We love the way the warm light of an Edison bulb looks in a walkway—in particular, when paired with a natural bronze finish. Recessed wall sconces work especially well here—their welcoming ambience lends a cozy vibe to walkways.

Penn globes by Progress Lighting

Vary Filament Styles Over a Dining Room Table | 

From a design standpoint, one of the best things about Edison bulbs is their versatility—unlike standard incandescent sources, Edison bulb interiors are shaped to a variety of lengths and sizes. Mixing filament styles and bulb shapes can add an eclectic flair to your lighting, particularly in a grouping of pendants—try it in glass globes hanging across a dining table, for instance.

This post was written by Bryn Huntpalmer of Modernize.com