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What’s your unique lighting style? Find out here.

With a seemingly endless number of finishes, sizes, styles and materials to choose from – settling on the right lighting fixtures for your home can sometimes be daunting. Before you even open the lighting catalog, you should start by determining your unique decorating style. Then, you can narrow the search by focusing on fixture families that fall within those distinct styles.

What style are you? Read on to understand the four most popular decorating styles – and learn how lighting fits into these looks. And don’t forget to check out this post in its entirety on the Beazer Homes blog.

How to find your unique lighting style | Beazer Homes + Progress Lighting
Image courtesy of Beazer Homes - featuring Progress Lighting Archie pendants


Contemporary style takes on a “less is more” personality. Clean lines, minimal decoration and emphasis on shape are key traits. Select fixtures with crisp lines, distinct iron frameworks and simple geometrical shapes for your contemporary room.


Traditional decorating is all about creating comfortable and cozy spaces. In traditional rooms you’ll find elegant additions, symmetrical set-ups and careful attention to detail – from the woodwork to the draperies. Chandeliers with smooth curves, adorned with shades, ornate details or beads bring traditional elegance to a variety of rooms.


Transitional style brings together the best of contemporary and traditional elements. Transitional decorating maintains the warmth and sophistication of traditional design, mixed with the clean simplicity and brightness of contemporary. Transitional lighting fixtures marry contemporary and modern details. Fixtures that maintain a traditional shape may include simplified, casual details. Or, a modern form could be adorned with beads and bobeches to heighten its elegance.


The core of cottage décor is casual and personal, with a touch of vintage elements (often including upcycling pieces and materials). A popular lighting trend that often shows up in cottage-styled spaces is the use of Edison bulbs. Exposed sources brings a vintage, electric feel to whimsical cottage spaces.

While determining your style can be helpful in choosing focal fixtures for your space, the most important thing is to go with what you love and what makes you and your family happy. One of Beazer’s trained designers can walk you through all of your options during your design appointment to also help you find your lighting style.  These categories are merely a guide to determine your personal preference. At the end of the day, most people prefer a mix of these looks; so don’t worry if you don’t perfectly fit into one of the above styles.

More information on how to find your unique lighting style can be found here.